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Tyranny is the problem not the answer to violence

Posted in Uncategorized by equanimist on October 7, 2015

Something that the media doesn’t report. Homicides and crimes comitted with guns have dropped precipitously in the past 22 years. We are as safe as we were 5 decades ago. And the correlation is now thought to be with demographics–not “gun control” which was applied in just patches of the country–though the decline occurred nationwide. [EDIT: the following links are about as true now as they were in 2013. They’ve just been hanging around.]

If you are concerned with what is a low rate of crime relative to the US past then the solution to the problem is not to impose draconian measures that give away individual rights so that maybe we’ll be safer–safer while we are trampled by vested interests undermining our way of life! [And if you think that’s a crazy idea without precedent in US history read up on the very real plot to overthrow FDR foiled by Major General Smedley Darlington Butler.]

As Ben Franklin had it, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” And like a fool and his money they would soon be parted!

Something I have never heard: He came from a loving family. He was well fed. The people in his life were supportive and respectful. He had a good, secure job and friends. He had time and money to pursue his interests. His healthcare needs were met. Then he just started killing people.

Demand that everybody be fed. Change perceptions around parenting. Stop marginalizing people. Stop belittling their beliefs. Just stop bullying them all together. Demand investment in quality public education. Stop unneeded stresses. Reject the enslavement of debt. Unionize. Demand higher pay. Demand congress act against outsourcing. The list goes on and on. But don’t fall prey to the specious argument that guns cause violence. Vlad the Impaler did just fine.

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