The Equanimist

EU friction due to overemphasis on personal responsibility and cultural irrelevance

Posted in Uncategorized by equanimist on July 15, 2012

Blame being better tool not inherent—useful to adjust behavior but never more than physical fact (i.e., amoral) same ought never be more important than limits to which adjustment can be pushed. That is, I can effect so much change in others with the psychological technology available to me but I cannot effect more; and to the extent that I get caught up in personal responsibility (the individual mandate) beyond my capability I limit satisfaction when/to the extent that same derives from stability.

More to the point. Europeans make the same mistake that different cultures make when dealing with one another: Europeans do not share the same values and goals (as increasingly US Americans do not). If the goal of good government is highest possible civil obedience then government must account for these cultural differences (ideally individual differences!)

For example, when Germans look at Greeks it is not to the common good to look with a moral reference but with a realistic reference: Greeks, like Germans, are who they are—not whatever Germans think Greeks should be. And continued insistence that Greeks be Germans threatens the EU.

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