The Equanimist


Posted in Uncategorized by equanimist on August 9, 2009

Dear Readers,

I have found much to rewrite in “Part I.” — Little to change, but much to elaborate upon and, in the course of things, I have embarked upon a total rewrite of same. So, “Part III.C.” &c. will have to wait a little while longer… I don’t think anybody is in a rush — we’re still deflecting blame, calling names, rousing rabble &c. Solution can wait šŸ™‚ Which brings me to a point of order: The Equanimist has become, for me, a pretty serious place where I publish relatively well-formed ideas that I cannot or will not rush. That said, there are many worthy inchoate ideas that (every day) don’t make it up to the top of the list. And to that end, I may start putting them down at “Dog-Meat-Home Companion” where the Apocalypse is nigh and the dog meat is delicious! We’ll see how it goes.

First post here.


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