The Equanimist

Prelude to Part II in mixed metaphor, "On Natural Rights" (Update 1)

Posted in *HIGHLIGHTS, Economy, Philosophy, Poetry, Public Policy, Socioeconomy, Untitled Work Number I by equanimist on March 21, 2009
The natural world!
O, to be better by fine margins!
How will we know who is best?
We will fight. Winner, take all.

Drop what you are doing for the competition. The first place finisher will get a gold medal ($953/oz.); second place, a silver medal ($13.73/oz.); third place, bronze (something greater than zero/oz.). Never mind how impossibly small the difference between first and third might be.

Everybody else is worthless. Finito, Benito!

It is the natural prerogative of winners to dispense with losers. But, winners cannot expect to lord it over losers when they are better by fine margins.

Sayeth the businessman, son of steel workers, “This country – to which I owe everything – this, my country that raised me and made possible the extraordinary life that I lead, having taken everything, I will burn her tits. I will raze her to the ground under me! To whom do I owe my allegiance? I owe nothing! I earned this right. And, I will take my business elsewhere.”

And, they band together to defeat winners.

An endless cycle of winners and losers.

O, to exist in the natural state!

Let us not accomplish anything at all. Why should we when we can ravage the cupboard?

We will wear our balls hanging out and the women folk gather fruits and nuts; and, we will hunt within our domains.

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